The pIT

Jackson Hall 011
35 Fifth Field Company Lane


+1 613-533-2442

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The pIT

Jackson Hall 011
35 Fifth Field Company Lane


+1 613-533-2442

Live Chat

Start a live chat with one of our techs

Working From Home

 Here are some easy ways to access campus and FEAS services when you are working from home. If you get stuck, contact us.

There are also links to numerous Queen’s campus systems at

ITS also has their own web page about working remotely.

  • From any phone dial 613-533-6520
  • Enter your telephone extension followed by the # key
  • Enter your voicemail passcode followed by the # key
  • Follow the prompts

If you use a virtual desktop at the office you can access it from any computer. You do not need to have a VPN connection for this service.

If you need help at any stage of this process contact us for assistance.

If you have not previously installed the VMWare Horizon Client:

Once you have theVMWare Horizon Client software installed and running, it will walk you through setting up a connection to our servers:

  • Connection Server:
  • Username and Password: your NetID credentials
  • Domain: AD

Note: the zero client devices we use in the Faculty have dedicated hardware to accelerate the virtual desktop performance. Your device does not have this hardware, and your Internet performance outside of the campus is highly variable and depends on a number of factors. So the virtual desktop won’t be as fast as it would be from one of our locations.


To access your files on the Faculty’s store/sync/share system, go to

A VPN connection is not required for this service. Use your NetID credentials to log in.

Once connected you can use the web client to download and upload files, access files that others have shared with you, share files and folders with others, and access team folders. 

Optionally, by clicking on your name in the upper right corner you can install local clients for your Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device.


You may also have files on the campus Microsoft OneDrive service, available at

All Faculty of Engineering software is distributed through our Apps.Engineering page at

Software will run on any Windows, Mac OS, or Linux computer.

Zoom is our Faculty-recommended solution for web conferencing. Go to

and log in with your NetID credentials. 

All students, faculty and staff have unlimited accounts with up to 300 meeting attendees.

Here is a recording of a workshop titled “Zoom Introduction for Instructors” that goes over the basics of scheduling, classroom management, and sharing materials.

Here is a best-practice checklist for protecting Zoom meetings of various sizes. 

Teams is part of Office365, and a great way to connect with colleagues on campus for live chat, audio/video calls, or shared projects.

and log in with your campus NetID.

Click the Apps icon on the lower left side to install apps for your Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS devices.

Some services on campus require you to use a virtual private network connection, which essentially connects your computer directly to the campus network. This service is run by ITS and instructions can be found at

Contact us to determine if you require the VPN, or need help installing it.