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The pIT

Jackson Hall 011
35 Fifth Field Company Lane


+1 613-533-2442

Live Chat

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Support Services

There are multiple ways to get in touch with us when there is a problem or you would like our assistance. Check out all the ways to get a hold of us by clicking the Get Help button below.

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EngConnect is the official mobile app of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Connect with other Engineering students in one-on-one chat, discover the services and clubs you need, join your department or program, and keep up to date on events and news.

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File Storage and Sharing

cloudFiles is our Faculty service for storing documents, syncing with your various devices, and securely sharing with others inside or outside Queen's. It supplements the campus OneDrive solution. Click More below for links and instructions.


Host a Web Conference

Zoom is our preferred solution for hosting web conferences. Free accounts are limited to 40 minute meetings; Pro accounts are unlimited. For licensing information contact @Stephen.


Application Delivery

Our application delivery system presents you with an "app store" of all the software you'll use in your courses, work, and for special projects. It will install and run on your own Windows laptop or desktop, or if you're a Mac user it will run transparently on your device using one of our servers. Apps.Eng is available on and off campus.


Free Software

As staff, instructor, or student in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, you have access to free licenses for a wide variety of software from Microsoft, including servers, operating systems, and virtualization systems. Log in with your Queen's NetID.

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Code Repository

FEAS IT supplies a GIT based version control repository powered by GitLab. The web based GIT management tool allows users to easily manage and share their GIT projects. Contact us for access.

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Engineering Store

The Engineering Store is a CPI compliant online marketplace for selling products and services to Queen's faculty, staff and students as well as customers off campus. We accept payment by VISA or MasterCard.


Web Content Management

The primary department and Faculty sites are maintained by multiple users, with varying requirements for access. To manage all of that content FEAS uses a Cascade CMS server.


Digital Signage

We maintain the digital signage systems used throughout the Faculty, allowing you to update content at will while monitoring and supporting the system and allowing for emergency messaging.


Anonymous Feedback Collection

Place an anonymous feedback box on any webpage and allow students or others to provide comments, concerns, or suggestions.


Automated Email Signatures

We can put a personalized signature on your emails if you run Outlook on Windows or Mac OS, or Mail on the Mac. The signature follows the Faculty standard but inserts your personal information.

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WordPress Hosting

Faculty IT can provide you with a WordPress site for your research lab, personal faculty page, or team. We look after patching and support, you handle the content.

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System and Service Monitoring

We can monitor your research computing or other systems and notify you if a service or protocol goes down, the CPU is overutilised, memory is running low, or a number of other triggers.

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Print and Copy Tracking and Control

We use PaperCut to monitor printers in the Faculty, but student and administrative. Usage for both print and copy can be tracked with optional quotas, and reports generated on demand.

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Web-Based Scheduling and Booking

Need students or outside users to be able to see the freetime of an individual or a team, and book meetings of various lengths within your parameters? We can do that!

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Physical Server Hosting

Talk to us about keeping your research computing in a physically safe, HVAC-controlled environment.

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Mobile Device Management

If you have a number of mobile devices - phones, tablets - we can track their usage and location, keep them updated, and install required apps and settings.

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Cloud Backup

A backup service for administrative and research computer systems.

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Vacation Tracking

Faculty staff can request vacation days, sick days, and other time off, and see when others in their group are already booked off. Supervisors can approve, and the information can be uploaded to PeopleSoft.

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Form Data Collection

The simplest and least expensive way to collect form data on a web site is to use Microsoft Forms, part of Office 365. For more features and improved anonymity where necessary, the Faculty has a license with CognitoForms ( Contact us for more information.

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Equipment Reservation & Tracking

Want to loan out equipment to students and others? We have a system that checks out, reminds, and tracks items, and allows people to book in advance.

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FEAS Sessional Dates Calendar

A Faculty IT-maintained calendar of the official University sessional dates for the current and upcoming academic year, including start/end of classes, add/drop deadlines, etc. Syncs live with Outlook and most other calendar programs.

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Virtual Servers

Faculty IT maintains and monitors a virtual server farm that can provide Windows or Linux servers for research, teaching, or administrative purposes.

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